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The Conway Staves & Cooperage Company Railroad is a short line railroad that runs through the heart of East Kentucky. The main purpose of the line is to run materials back and forth from their own buildings to create the Whiskey Barrel. Bourbon barrel production in Kentucky is big and booming. The CS&CC Look to become the number 1 Bourbon Barrel producer in the world. With the purchase of their short line they also acquired 4 ALCO RS-36s once left to rot by the Family Lines system now re-purposed for life as short line railroaders. Numbers 911 and 913 are painted in the CS&CC Company Colors while 912 features a little heritage for the line. Unfortunately 910 was deemed non repairable and was used for parts until it was eventually scraped. However the CS&CC Run strong threw the days and nights. With shifts Mon-Thurs, working around the clock to keep material at all the supplied buildings. All for one goal. The Bourbon Barrel.

Weekend Steam Excursion Expansion will be available soon by Trainman7616 The Backshops.  

RS-36 originally created by Trainboi1, Conway Scheme by Zee

Route Downloadhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1Q3P5wZQCgbUbhWRUmpI9J3rEpBRLfU0M

RS-36 Deps: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13XkqoVSQ5NIKiiq3kPV9LCbWdlDavkyS

Session Download (NOTE REQUIRES CSX ES44AH YN3b from Jointed Rail and Trainz: ANE Deluxe)https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-MbHb-PjMEaP2m5jmKOJ8vhICalre8DL

Here is a list of items you will need.


Jointed Rail:

Legacy of the BN 1. You do NOT have to purchase the route to download its dependencies. https://jointedrail.com/product/legacy-of-the-bn-for-t-ane-deluxe-version-section-1/


Also in the session replaced the Wood chip hoppers with freeware versions  



Reggies Trainz:



If you use the route in TRS19. The crossings will NOT work. The route mostly uses Reggies Freeware https://www.reggiestrainz.com/grs-signal-pack1 & https://www.reggiestrainz.com/safetran-cantilevers


Lastly some points for The Backshops. You're gonna need a few items from here https://www.thebackshops.com/scenery/freeware/Signs.html You're gonna need 1: Road Work Sign Pack 2: TBS Regulatory Signs Pack 1 3: TBS Warning Signs Pack 1 4: TBS Railroad Signs Pack 1 5: Turn Signs and Lane markings


https://www.thebackshops.com/scenery/freeware/Buildings.html You're gonna need 1: "Starburst" Drive in asset pack 2: Generic Antique Shop 3: Modern Pizza Restaurant 4: Modern Gas Stations Pack 1 5: TBS Generic Ice Cream Shop 6: Modern Walmart Pack


https://www.thebackshops.com/scenery/freeware/Wayside%20objects.html Wayside Clutter Pack 1 Have fun!

NOTE: The route uses a small handful of items that are from Coal Country and Monongahela from Jointed Rail. These items are not necessary to play however add to the aesthetics. 

Created by - Kris

Stay caught up on the action by watching the build series! 


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